LX3 is an independent full-service entertainment company based out of Tacoma, Washington. Our operations are inclusive of artist and model management, music label, publishing house, tour planning, film / TV, and select new ventures. We believe that talent is not just simply discovered, it requires hard work, vision, dedication, teamwork, cultivation, and personalized attention each step of the way.


With a myriad of top-tier resources at our disposal, LX3 enables our hand selected creative roster to cultivate their art at the highest level possible. This in-turn evokes a distinct philosophy of fearlessness within the core of our one-of-a-kind company. A gritty collective mindset, which is interwoven through the fabric of every project we put out, and cemented in stone through our company creed, “Above All Else Be Legendary”.

What makes something/someone a Legend? According to Webster’s Dictionary a Legend is either “a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated” or “an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field”. Thus, the call to be the absolute best in each pursuit is what drives us, the very possibility of having our creations chiseled through the hourglass of time and remembered throughout history; this is what compels the LX3 team to remain all gas, and no brakes as we complete projects and make our way down the highways of a long lasting legacy.

LX3’s business model is fluid and self regimented, which allows us the distinct privilege of operating as a “think-tank” for artists and business minds alike. Our founders LROC, Leon Phelps, and Frankie Hussle have fostered this culture by keeping their ear to the streets rather than merely counting algorithm stats, LX3 brings back the spirit that first spawned trail-blazing scenes when the fans were heard and the dog was not wagged by the industry tail.

These 3 have seen it all in terms of the music industry’s highs and lows. Meeting each other first as competition in hip hop on the regional level, their individual relationships have evolved into lifelong friendships, trusted partnerships, and a formula for business that has catapulted LX3 into the national spotlight on more then one occasion.


With spotlight comes expectation, and LX3 is never one to disappoint. Amongst the COVID19 mandates, we wanted to make sure that our supporters were still receiving the best content possible from the comfort of their home. Thus, we introduced “TrueFans”.

This bold new concept couldn’t have come at a better time for music lovers. Although we are kept from hosting public concerts, we understand that fans still want to connect to their favorite LX3 artists. TrueFans is an incredibly affordable “Backstage Pass” which allows fans an all access look into parts of the craft that often go unseen. You can dive deep into writing process & studio sessions or enjoy the VIP treatment during an exclusive TrueFans Live Stream.

Search through our site and get familiar with our roster, we are dropping brand new content on a weekly basis. Make sure to tap in and see who’s up next.

If you want to join the team, feel free to utilize the “submissions” tab on our home page. All submissions are reviewed in the order in which they are received.